Enterprise Integration: Revolutionizing IT Service Experience Through Digital Robotics

Michael E. Locher, CEO
Over the last several years, robotic systems have continued to mature, and is now invading business IT—not in the traditional way, but rather as an expert system. These new digital robot systems are capable of performing everyday functions in IT: responding to events, handling requests, detecting cyber threats, and performing maintenance – freeing up the IT workforce to focus on more strategic tasks. “What makes our digital robotics systems unique is their ability to apply logic based on externally collected data to make informed decisions,” said Michael E. Locher, CEO, Enterprise Integration. Enterprise Integration (EI) began a quest 15 years ago to deliver the promise of efficient IT through digital robots that are proactive, tools and brilliant minds working in concert to identify the precursors to adverse events before they impact business processes. “Through digital robotics process automation, we are changing the paradigm,” Locher said. “Our digital robots perform tasks in real-time to truly improve and enhance the IT service experience,” he adds.

EI focuses on building digital robots to act upon data gathered from end points: desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, to reveal and remediate a problem before it affects the end user. “We provide a comprehensive range of digital robotics solutions that include our unique tools and processes, security services, and a full range of professional services to improve the customer experience,” Locher said. EI’s Digital Robotics Engine (expert system) works as a “Virtual Systems Engineer” to respond to business technology events by gathering data from disparate systems to make informed decisions, then take corrective action.It optimizes IT by integrating with the existing infrastructure and constructing conversational systems, virtual assistants, and virtual bots. The automation feature of digital robots automatically empowers the system integrated robots, making the process more efficient which in turn reduces operational costs. “Our digital robots possess capabilities of machine and artificial learning which help businesses assess current facts and their relations logically,” says Locher. “Leveraging robots, we create, correlate and remediate using insightful data,” he adds.

EI also offers solutions for enhancing security, automating processes, and cloud integration competencies, leveraging unique digital robotics and artificial intelligence techniques.

We build innovative digital robotics solutions to proactively enhance automation and logical intelligence performance, and mitigate operational costs

Built on these technologies is EI’s SDI (Service Delivery Intelligence) solution that simplifies, visualizes, and humanizes IT events, bringing together a correlated view of your business technology supply chain. SDI enhances IT infrastructures through automation, optimizing end-user experience, capturing device details in network, monitoring application performance, and correlating data points into intelligent dashboards.

EI has solved the complexities of robotics and automation for a multitude of enterprises. A leading rail-based transportation company needed a way to monitor, understand, report, and ultimately improve the true end-user experience, across their dispersed environment. EI deployed the proprietary endpoint monitoring digital robots, and SDI technology to capture application performance from a critical end-user viewpoint. “The transportation company quickly isolated problems, reconstructed errors without interrupting end users, optimized software utilization and compliance factors, and streamlined monitoring and reporting operations,” extols Locher.

“We have been working on computer-based robotics tools that have proved productive in advanced industrial assembly and security applications,” says Locher. “Our set of tools encompasses smartness and flexibility to perform complex, varied, and repetitive chores quickly and accurately,” adds Locher. Enterprise Integration plans to expand the machine learning factorials, and build virtual technicians with informed and accurate decision-making capabilities.

Enterprise Integration

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Michael E. Locher, CEO

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