Enterprise Integration: Addressing IT Incidents Automatically

Michael Locher, CEO
To improve their bottom line, businesses tend to leverage low cost labor pools by outsourcing IT operations management. However, increasing competition coupled with complex, manually driven IT operations strains the process of restoring operational normalcy. The increasing difficulty in managing IT incidents thus impacts the overall business model. “We have changed the economic model landscape for our customers by resolving sixty five percent of their IT incidents robotically,” says Michael Locher, CEO, Enterprise Integration (EI). As a provider of onshore IT managed services, EI specializes in automating IT operations management through its innovative Digital Robotics solution.

As EI's proprietary process automation technology, Digital Robotics conducts operational control tasks that pertain to IT service management. The Digital Robotics engine processes terabytes of data collected automatically from every corner of the IT supply chain in the customer's purview through enterprise monitoring. The information derived from the processed data helps in finding the anomalies in the workflow across the IT supply chain. With this pre-emptive approach, the company ensures its customers’ IT posture is aligned with their business objectives.

In its pursuit of streamlining IT operations, EI takes into account the challenges in using legacy systems that depend on heavy investments and the existing monitoring tools that are siloed in nature. These shortcomings are addressed through its enterprise monitoring service that delivers end-to-end integration of customer’s monitoring tools. As the entire IT infrastructure data is delivered to the operations team in a single pane of glass, manual intervention in IT incident management is kept to a minimum. "We have workflows built into our Digital Robotics that resolve several IT incidents automatically," adds Locher. By enabling machine learning and intelligence on the available data, EI delivers streamlined incident management service to its clients.

Additionally, the company’s Service Delivery Intelligence (SDI) suite brings together automated processes, intelligent tools, and skilled personnel resulting in simplified management of IT incidents.

Our ultimate goal is to have all customer IT incidents resolved through automation, intelligence, and Digital Robotics

“We integrate service delivery with enterprise monitoring and Digital Robotics to deliver world-class IT service to the service desk and operational readiness personnel,” says Locher. The company leverages Axios Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) service management tool as the core of its service delivery system.

EI delivers a comprehensive IT incident management product through its Integrated Service Desk, a platform that bridges the knowledge gap for operations teams by bringing together Digital Robotics, intelligence, enterprise monitoring, and a human workforce. While complying with ITSM standards, the company helps its customers reap the benefits of automation in their IT implementations ranging from migration to cloud, managing virtualization environments, and charting out an effective IT implementation plan. One of EI’s customers integrated their entire enterprise monitoring system in quick time alongside integrating the service delivery system with that of EI, resulting in automated resolution of the IT incidents.

“Our ultimate goal is to have all customer IT incidents resolved through automation, intelligence, and Digital Robotics,” asserts Locher. While it would take a tremendous effort to achieve that goal, EI ensures it has qualified partners in its venture. The company harnesses the best talent in engineering and IT universities who excel in programming and data analytics and who are cognizant about the burgeoning IT supply chain ecosystem.

In the expanded digital era, where IT competency is imperative, Enterprise Integration is resolute to bridge the gap between available data, IT operations and intelligence through automation.

Enterprise Integration

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Michael Locher, CEO

An onshore managed services provider that implements digital robotics to address customer IT incidents

Enterprise Integration