Blue Prism [LON:PRSM]: Digital Workforce for Error-free Admin Transactions

Pat Geary, CMO
After two decades of combined work experience in the enterprise IT domain, Alastair Bathgate and David Moss realized that many enterprises rely significantly on their human workers to manually execute repetitive administrative tasks. However, this can lead to error-prone process execution and a waste of human hours. They envisioned the software robots that could ameliorate such situations and founded Blue Prism, a robotic process automation company delivering the world’s most successful digital workforce. The company’s software robots follow rules-based business processes and interact with systems in the same way that an everyday user does. With these robots, the enterprises can re-imagine a different kind of workforce, “a workforce that can be taught countless skills, and the more it learns, the more efficient it becomes. It can be small one day or large when the business hits a spike. It frees up the best people to focus on the tasks at which they excel. Welcome to the ‘digital workforce’,” extols Pat Geary, CMO, Blue Prism.

Robotic process automation (RPA), an emerging form of clerical process automation, serves as a conceptual backbone of Blue Prism’s software robots. The software robots facilitate communication between various applications in a work environment and automate administrative tasks. The underlying state-of-the-art and object-oriented architecture of the software robots is capable of executing millions of transactions between applications automatically. “While building a software robot, we strive to attune operating models and standards to the technology,” states Geary. Blue Prism’s software robots are auditable, secure, scalable and operable at user and transaction levels.

“We are more like SAP in terms of scale and scope of automation,” explains Geary. “Achieving a very high level of recovery, governance, audit and security are no longer insurmountable tasks. Our RPA software operates in very large and highly regulated transaction processing environments.”

At the end of the day, we are confident that our platform will successfully liberate human capital from monotony of rule-based processes

The software allows business users to configure the software robot without needing to build an API or discern complex data structure. To develop a comprehensive solution, Blue Prism leverages the knowledge and expertise of partners such as Accenture, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and their internal process advisors across a wide gamut of sectors that range from finance and accounting to supply chain management.

In one of the implementation highlights, several of the world’s largest banks sought a solution to perform more transactions while minimizing the desktop-based workload of their agents and freeing them up to perform value-added work and reducing errors occurring due to human-based processing. The banks worked with Blue Prism to create RPA solutions, gaining the power of automation, and leveraging self-service automation functionality while reducing errors and increasing compliance. Eventually, the clients could attain operational efficiency and experience digital transformation of their organizations and processes.

The leadership of Blue Prism believes in bringing positive outcomes to customers. To create success stories, Blue Prism ensures collaboration between employees and its clients. “One of our themes is success through excellence. If our employees are successful, then our partners as well as clients will be successful,” states Geary. As RPA has become a mainstream phenomenon, the company is set to gain from the technological trend. “At the end of the day, we are confident that our platform will successfully liberate the human capital from monotony of rule-based processes,” concludes Geary.

Blue Prism

London, United Kingdom

Pat Geary, CMO

Blue Prism's automation software enables businesses to be agile and cost-effective through automation of manual, rules-based back-office processes

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