WonderBotz: The RPA Force Multiplier

Bhavyesh Virani, Founder & Managing Partner With the dawn of robotic process automation (RPA), enterprises have shifted their spotlight to employing digital workers that can automate repeatable activities, extract intelligence from documents, provide real-time reporting, and initiate meaningful conversations. Early on, companies were under the impression that they can simply install an RPA tool and they are good to go. In reality, is it that easy to adopt RPA? Like any other process, it is easy to carry out successful robotics projects once you have learned how to become self-sufficient. For those just starting out, prudence lies in taking help from a service provider with the business and technical expertise needed to maximize the benefits from your digital workers.

Enter WonderBotz. “With a vision on how to monetize digital worker opportunities, WonderBotz empowers organizations to unleash the potential of virtual workers or robots by planning, building and running them to meet our client’s business needs” says Steve LaValle, co-founder and managing partner, WonderBotz. The company’s methodology “RPA done right” covers both governance of an organizational RPA capability and the define-to-deployment creation and management of automations. The framework focuses on key management systems namely alignment, quality, and benefits realization that organizations need to put in place to maximize their RPA capability. “We are focused on helping clients get the outcomes they require by providing guidance and business automation that can be used and understood by people having no programming or robotics background,” says Bhavyesh Virani, founder and managing partner, WonderBotz.

Not stopping with RPA, WonderBotz’s vision for the emergence of a true digital worker, dubbed the WonderBotz AAA framework, is based upon the convergence of three main technology enablers. The first ‘A’ signifies action, where a digital worker, through the use of RPA tools or platforms such as Blue Prism, can utilize existing software in the same way as a real human being. The second ‘A’ is awareness, which is the ability to emulate human senses with the help of IoT sensors and natural language processing (NLP) systems. Finally, the last component in the AAA framework is alternatives, which offers digital worker the ability to evaluate choices just as a human being would have done, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. “In our vision, the convergence of these three enablers leads to the true realization of the digital worker, and that is what we help companies achieve,” says LaValle.

Digital Worker in Place

For WonderBotz, virtual workers start with RPA and quickly expand beyond to adjacent technologies. The company helps clients implement digital workers by selecting the right RPA tool and then kick-starting the RPA enablement to achieve processes automation. “We recognized that our clients could be at any point along their RPA journey. Sometimes they might just be at the awareness stage trying to figure out how RPA would fit into their business environment and implement a digital transformation from there,” says Virani.

The company’s highly skilled and certified professionals work with clients through workshops to understand their unique requirements, while doing due diligence and showing potential use cases of RPA for their business. The WonderBotz’s team then draws out the most suitable plan to create the automation program and run it in production.
“Earlier clients asked us to create throwaway proofs-of-concept, but now we are delivering initial builds running as a pilot at low volumes in a production environment,” says LaValle.

The company supports various clients ranging from organizations having a strong pre-existing team and architecture in place to those in startup mode that are still choosing the right IT tools and building their first automations. For mature organizations that are primarily looking for additional automation capacity, WonderBotz provides a small team of resources to augment the client’s other development teams. On the other end of the journey spectrum, organizations who are just beginning their RPA journey benefit from WonderBotz as a trainer, mentor and RPA platform reseller, and to help setup RPA on-premises infrastructure. The company offers co-piloting, where trained professionals work alongside newly trained client teams to help them build and deploy their first set of automations.

The company is passionately working towards advancing its automation capabilities through technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and chatbots

While initial automation work is underway, the company also sizes and identifies the backlog of candidate automation processes in order to assess what scaled RPA would mean for each client. “It is important to determine whether a client would automate only a few or many processes, essentially how big is big, as this knowledge is critical to benefits and total cost of ownership analysis,” remarks Virani. This perspective also guides decisions on the depth and breadth of the governance and management systems needed at scale to keep generating value out of the automation. With this end state in mind, WonderBotz either starts building the automation or, as it is also a leading RPA trainer, mentors and co-delivers projects with clients to help them become self sufficient. With this approach, the company focuses on rightsizing client’s automation program and getting their automation backlog sorted out to maximize the value of RPA for them.

The company’s team of experts gives complete guidance to clients on leveraging the maximum potential of RPA through step-by-step configuration scenarios, compilation exercises and advanced design leading practices for solution resiliency and scalability. The WonderBotz team brings prebuilt robotics utilities that reduce risk and speed time-to-value. “With the help of our expert team, clients get access to pre-configured tools and connectors to gain significant robotics ROI, increased cost savings, and higher productivity,” says LaValle. As their startup efforts mature, organizations need sporadic higher-level assistance in RPA which is further supported by WonderBotz Backstop, where clients can call an expert for any advice on augmenting the value of their RPA program or implementation.

Serving clients across multiple industries and sizes, WonderBotz has created a strong foothold in the world of RPA. The company worked with a Fortune 500 firm to help them automate the reconciliation of their Oracle general ledger globally. With over 15,000 accounts to be reconciled monthly, the client used Blackline to certify about half of them each period and the remaining needed an accountant to prepare the reconciling entries by hand. A year earlier, this client had tried and failed to monetize RPA working with a WonderBotz competitor.
Steve LaValle, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
This competitor sought to build automations based upon what the client accountants did each month and this pave-the-cow-path approach would have required well over a hundred different automations.

"With a vision on how to monetize digital worker opportunities, WonderBotz empowers organizations to unleash the potential of virtual workers or robots by planning, building and running them all customized to meet our client’s business needs"

WonderBotz, on the other hand, focused on the desired outcome rather than the human way. The company built a single automation and externalized the parameters and business logic required to prepare the reconciliation entries. In this approach, each accountant was able to customize how the entry was to look for each individual account giving them complete control over the entire process. WonderBotz helped the client reduce the reconciliation time from hours to seconds. Also, if the accountants need to create new accounts, they do not need to change the automation but just alter the reference file.

In the old way—the human way, an accountant would download data from Oracle and drop it into an excel worksheet and process the calculations. This is how humans need to handle large amounts of data. But while robots can use systems the same way that humans do, robots are computers and can process large amounts of data without a spreadsheet. It can do all the calculations in memory, in a computerized format. WonderBotz strongly advocates the ‘Robot Way’ for automation which is a unique enterprise-scale design approach based upon best of breed between the human and robot way for time-to-value and scalability.

Defining the Future with Digital Workers

The company invested to build its utilities and toolkits to speed up time-to-value without compromising the highest quality. The company co-experiments with the clients who share their spirit of innovation. For instance, WonderBotz is currently working with a large global media and entertainment firm to automate their front, back and middle office across multiple process value chain. The company is co-experimenting with this client for their front office operations to potentially integrate RPA and NLP, intelligent agent and chatbots for customer service. “Overall, we aim to bring together innovative products available in this rapidly evolving market to unleash a powerful digital worker,” says LaValle.

Backed by founders from successful careers spanning managed services and consulting practice leadership roles in the Big 4 and world-class system integrators, WonderBotz is changing the RPA landscape and automation ecosystem by manifolds. With eyes set on expanding geographically, WonderBotz is determined to help organizations realize the value of a fully-enabled digital worker. Continuing its journey that began with RPA, WonderBotz is all set to expand its core offerings into the broader digital worker space. The company is passionately working towards advancing its automation capabilities through technologies such as AI, machine learning, deep learning, Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent digital agent and chatbots.

“Moving forward, we’re out to help companies monetize RPA and adjacent technologies, and enrich the jobs of humans by eliminating the dull and routine tasks that take time from creativity and higher-value contributions,” says Virani.


Las Vegas, NV

Bhavyesh Virani, Founder & Managing Partner and Steve LaValle, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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