20 Most Promising Robotics Solution Providers 2016

With the advent of Internet of Things, robotics is at the cusp of revolutionizing several industries. Modern industrial robots that are being created to assist human beings in labor are nothing short of engineering marvels. Operations like material handling, metal machining, plastic moulding, assembly operations including fixing and press-fitting, inserting, disassembling machineries are all experiencing radical makeover under the adept hands of robotic automation solutions.

Company Name

Company Description

5D Robotics Software provider for accurate position and navigation, obstacle avoidance, and guarded motion
ABB Provides a broad range of products and solutions to improve performance and reduce environmental impact for its customers
Animusoft Animusoft focuses in developing software products for robotics, medical, embedded and mobile devices
Balyo Designs robotic solutions, installed on standard electrical material handling vehicles, for the automated transport of pallets
Blue Ocean Robotics Creating innovative robotic solutions for enterprises and markets to improve quality-of-life, working environments, and productivity of humans
BlueBotics BlueBotics provides the ANT® navigation product for automation, and custom solutions for service robotics
Carter Control Systems Provides specialized conveyor and material handling equipment, including custom integrated system solutions for package and mail handling facilities
Concept Systems Provider of tailor-made automation solutions for manufacturers
Energid Technologies Energid Technologies creates robotics software and integrated robotics systems
Enterprise Integration An onshore managed services provider that implements digital robotics to address customer IT incidents
FerRobotics FerRobotics develops and sells flexible, intuitive robot equipments offering flexible automation
Flexicell Robotic system integrator and automation equipment manufacturer specializing in end-of-line case packing, palletizing, and material handling solutions
Genfour A provider of robotic process automation solutions
iRobot Designs and builds robots for a new level of collaboration for office environments and other facilities
Kryon Systems A premier provider of performance improvement solutions which support both the end-user and IT automation efforts
Liquid Robotics Designs and manufactures Wave Gliders, the first wave and solar powered autonomous ocean robots
OpenConnect Allows users to access mainframe data directly to perform back-end orchestration and desktop automation
Perpetuuiti Providing the guidance, management, and support in the expanses of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning, robotic software automation, availability management, and organizational resiliency planning
Pollux Automation Designs, builds, and implements custom automation solutions
Robotic VISION Technologies Provider of Vision Guidance Robotic (VGR) software to clients in the machine vision industry